Escape Rooms

Mystery House is located in the old cinema of the town of Valkenburg. The Escape Rooms in Mystery House are based on old movies, curses that have been left behind in the old movie theatre. Each room has its own theme, its own story, and … its own solution. Only by working together and utilizing each other’s knowledge, you will be able to find all the clues in the room, which you will need in order to escape. Will you manage to solve the riddles and codes before your time runs out?

How much does such a cool Escape Room experience cost?

You can play The Lost Flight and The Zodiac Letter for €118,00 per room, with 2 to 6 people.  

You play the Master Mind with 1 of 2 people, fixed price €50,-


Our Escape Rooms

The Lost Flight


The Zodiac Letter


Master Mind


Asylum Revealed