Frequently asked questions

No, it is not scary or dangerous. There are tension elements and surprises in it but nothing to be afraid of. The Escaperooms do feature an exciting storyline, hence the minimum age. Participation is at your own risk at all times.

Yes, all of our Escape Rooms are air-conditioned. This makes Mystery House a place to get chills even during the hottest days!

For anyone who likes challenge... tourists, family, friends, colleagues, students, bachelor party, birthday, company outing, team building!!! Every escape room has a different age recommendation with us. It is listed behind the escaperoom itself.

We have choices for children ages 12 and up. They are welcome under adult supervision. The escape room is not suitable for children's parties.

This is a challenge, so more than that is a "game. Team spirit, fun and experience is a better description. We challenge your mind!!!

Then you will have to book two escaperooms. Both for your safety and game fun, 6 people is the limit.

15 minutes in advance you must be present so we can explain and answer any questions. After you there will be another group. too late will be deducted from the playing time. Egidius is veeeeeeery strict about time and planning.

View parking spaces by visiting the page parkeren in valkenburg.

Yes, you have the option to pay for your drinks using a card or with cash. Your reservation has already been paid for through iDEAL.

We advise everyone to use the restroom beforehand. Once engaged in the game, puzzling is the only way out.

If you are under the influence of alcohol or other drugs we will unfortunately have to refuse you and no refunds will be made. You must be razor sharp and clear-headed to even have a chance of playing this game properly. Soooo... no, not tipsy either.

Regrettably, our location does not have wheelchair accessibility to the premises, nor do we have a handicap accessible restroom facility.

Other than normal desirable social behavior and respect for your college and neighbors, there are no rules to this game. We will follow you from the control room and where necessary, give you hints to successfully complete the game.