Mystery House Valkenburg is the perfect place for a successful group outing or a teambuilding activity. This game full of excitement, challenges and adrenalin will definitely be an activity that the entire group will enjoy.


Escape room is ideal for team building, because you are entirely dependent on one another as a team. You are locked in a room with 3 to 6 persons. Together you have one goal: to escape within an hour. You will only succeed by working together well and by communicating and utilizing each other’s knowledge optimally. In the room, you will find puzzles, riddles and unexpected clues that lead to your escape. Escape room is a nerve-wrecking game full of excitement and fun, in with working together is the ‘key’ to success! In a short period of time, the natural roles and possible hidden talents within the group will show. Educational and fun!

Grote groepen

Right now we have two escape rooms with a capacity of max. 6 people. With these two rooms we have an hourly capacity of 12 persons. However, we can offer a complete package by making smart combinations and customized arrangements, so that we can also provide a great morning, afternoon or evening for larger groups. We do this in collaboration with partners, but also by offering our [Mystery City Walks].

We can help you to organise the perfect tailored getaway! Please contact us for more information.