Frequently Asked Questions

Is an escape room dangerous or scary?

No, it’s not scary or dangerous. We have included some exciting elements and surprises, but nothing to be afraid of. The escape rooms do have an exciting, mysterious storyline, hence the minimum age. Participation is at your own risk at all times.

Who are suitable escape room players?

Anyone who likes a challenge! Tourists, families, friends, colleagues, students, a bachelor party, birthday, corporate event, teambuilding: you name it! Every escape room has different age recommendations. You can find this information with every escape room description.

Are the escape rooms also suitable for children?

No, but children over fourteen years are welcome when they are accompanied by adults. Escape rooms are not suitable for children parties.

What time should we be there?

You need to be present 15 minutes in advance, so that we can explain and answer any questions. Should you be too late, this time will be subtracted from your playing time. Egidius is very strict when it comes to time and planning.

Where can I park my car?

In the next link you’ll find all parking facilities of Valkenburg:

At what time should we be present?

Please arrive 15 minutes early before the scheduled time, so that we can answer questions and give instructions. There will be another group after you have finished. Egidius (our house ghost) is very strict in terms of time and planning.

Can I pay by pin?

Yes, you can pay your drinks with your bankcard but you can also pay cash. Your booking has already been paid via Paypal/ iDEAL.

I am not into games, is it something for me?

This is a challenge. It’s more than just a ‘game’. Team spirit, fun and experience is a better description. We challenge your mind and skills!!!

Can I go to the toilet during the game?

We advise everyone to make use of the toilet before the game starts. Once the game is on, puzzling is the only way out.

Is it okay to be a little tipsy?

If you are under influence of alcohol or drugs we will unfortunately have to refuse your participation and you will have no refund. You have to be razor sharp and clear of mind to stand a chance to play this game well. Sooooo… No, not even tipsy.

What if the group is larger than 6 people?

Then you will have to reserve a second escape room. For both your safety and for the fun of the game 6 people is the limit.

Is the escape room also accessible for wheelchair users?

Unfortunately our building is not accessible for wheelchair users. Nor do we have the possibility for a disabled toilet.

Are there any rules?

There are no rules to his game. Except for normal, desirable, social behaviour.Cameras are there to present you some leads. Note that your behaviour is monitored.