The Zodiac Letter

October 13, 1969. Suddenly, the newsroom of the San Francisco Chronicle goes silent. There’s another one… When opening the envelope, a piece of fabric falls onto the floor. All eyes stare at the blood-stained rag, which seems to have been a t-shirt. It is a presage to the lurid text that is going to follow. The editor clears his throat and begins to read the letter with trembling hands… “This is the Zodiac speaking…”

The Zodiac Killer is the code name of a presumable serial killer, who was active throughout the 70s and possible after. Presumably, because to this day, the identity of the Zodiac killer is still unknown.. For months, he or she sent enigmatic letters to the press in California. Letters filled with gruesome descriptions of killings that had already been carried out, or murders that would follow… Strange, mysterious messages with cryptograms that were virtually impossible to solve. At least one of them has never been solved to this day… Do you dare to open The Zodiac Letter?

  • 3 to max. 6 people

  • 60 minute Brain-Challenge

  • Minimum age 16 years

  • €118,00