The Lost Flight

July 1937. I look at my navigator. His face doesn’t betray much, but somehow I sense his agitation. I won’t let it distract me. The engine of my plane begins to throb. We are ready for the biggest challenge of our lives: the longest flight that has ever been made. 47,000 kilometres from now we can finally say that we really did it…

The Lost Flight is based on the story of the first female explorer Amelia Earhart, who became famous in the 30s, as she was the first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. In the beginning of July 1937 she set off on her greatest dream together with navigator Fred Noonan: to make the longest flight across the world that had ever been made. But the final destination of the flight that the whole world was talking about was never reached. What happened to the explorers has been a mystery to this day..

  • 3 to max. 6 people per room

  • 60 minute brain-challenge

  • Minimum age 12 years

  • €118,00