Master Mind Room

September 1943. My heart is pounding in my throat. My hands are cuffed and I can’t see anything. Luckily he is finally gone. The propaganda films of this afternoon have probably started. It’s now or never. I MUST get out of here…

In the Master Mind Room you will find yourself in occupied Valkenburg during World War II. The cinema is a stronghold of Nazis. As a member of the resistance, you have been captured and locked up in the cinema’s ticket counter. Prior to the movie, the Nazis play 40 minutes of their notorious propaganda films. They are dutifully watched, voluntarily or not. The officer closely monitors each visitor. After the propaganda has finished, he will return to his post at the ticket counter. Are you able to grab your one chance and escape before he returns?

Please note that in this room you are on your own, or with two players. If you manage to escape, you will claim your spot on the Mystery House Wall of Fame!

  • 1 to max. 2 people

  • 45 minutes of brain teasing
  • Record: –

  • Minimum age 18 years

  • €50,00 per room