What is an escape room?

Escape Room is an exciting, challenging and unpredictable game. As a group, (3 to 6 persons) you are locked up in a room, with only one goal: to escape within one hour. As soon as the door closes behind you the clock starts ticking. In the room you will find puzzles, riddles and unexpected clues that could be the key to your escape. A both nerve wrecking and fun game, in which utilizing each other’s knowledge and working together are the keys to success!

The Escape Rooms in Mystery House are based on old movies, curses that have been left behind in the old movie theatre. Each room has its own theme, its own story, and … its own solution.

Escape rooms are the perfect getaway with friends or family, but are also perfect as a group activity. Read more about our opportunities for large groups and teambuilding [here].

It is possible to play The Lost Flight in Dutch, English and German. The Zodiac Letter is set up in fairly simple English. Any questions? Take a look at the answers to our frequently asked questions [here] or [contact] us!

NEW: The Mastermind: an escape room for one or two people!

Our Escape Rooms